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Certified Organic Dried Lemon Myrtle Leaf 10gms

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The Lemon Myrtle leaf has such a beautiful and versatile flavour that will enhance many of your recipes!  

Use the leaf to make a cuppa, add it to biscuits, cakes, seafood, chicken and curry recipes. 

In addition to enhancing the flavor of beef, chicken, fish and rice dishes, lemon myrtle can be used in recipes for making breads, sauces, dips and pancakes.

The lemon myrtle should not cook for more than 15 minutes, however. It can develop an unpleasant bitterness if it is exposed to high temperatures for too long.

Health Benefits:  Lemon Myrtle is a powerful antioxidant that can ward off illnesses. Lemon myrtle has a reputation as a powerful antiseptic and anti-virus agent that can destroy disease-carrying microorganisms. It has been used to treat allergies, colds, sore throats, gastric disturbances and infections. It has further been used to alleviate headaches, fevers and muscle cramps and spasms. Lemon myrtle promotes a healthy immune system and can be applied topically to treat problems like warts, cold sores and acne. It is a highly potent antioxidant that can help fight diseases such as cancer. It is high in minerals like calcium, zinc and magnesium, and it has a healthy helping of vitamins A and E.