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Certified Organic Dried Aniseed Myrtle Leaf 10gms

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The Aniseed Myrtle is a rainforest tree whose leaves have the sweet flavour of licorice. It is delicious with fish, in biscuits, with rice, desserts, preserves and as a marinade for meat. We like to add it to mashed sweet potato (kumera) and curries. Add it wherever you would like to add some licorice flavour!

Studies have found that anise myrtle has outstanding antioxidant activity, as well as containing lutein, folate, vitamin E and vitamin C. Anise myrtle has also been found to have exceptional quantities of the compound anethole, which gives the leaf its aniseed flavour and aroma. It is traditionally used for stomach complaints and weight loss.

Health Benefits: Tests performed by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation have found that aniseed myrtle has a superior antioxidant capacity, which gives us protection from oxidative stress and helps in the anti-aging process.

High in Vitamin C, E and folate, also chlorophyll a and b; which is the major pigment present in plants, also plays a vital role in reducing oxidative stress in the human body.

It has high levels of lutein, a compound important in the role of eye health. It contains high levels of zinc, calcium and evaluated as very high in magnesium. The samples of aniseed myrtle were evaluated in dried form.