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Australian Blood Limes Certified Organic per kg

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The Australian Blood Lime is a result of the cross pollination between a red fingerlime and a rangpur lime/mandarin. 

Due to their versatile flavour they can substitute both limes and lemons in most recipes and add a vibrant red colour to your dish.

We commence harvesting the fruit by hand in May and the season continues through to October.

The flavour profile of the Blood Limes is such that it is more palatable than a regular lime, but is still quite zesty in flavour.

The size of the fruit ranges from around 2-4cm long and has small vessicles which contain most of the juice from the fruit.

Fun ideas:  

  • Squeeze half of a Blood Lime over fresh oysters, fish, scallops, scampi, lobster or any other seafood.  This will release the juice and fruit vessicles onto the protein, allowing the flavour to naturally combine with the ocean.
  • Cut a Blood Lime in half and grill it on your BBQ for a few minutes each side until it becomes soft.  Then squeeze the fruit onto chicken, duck or seafood or into curries, stews, salads and vegetable dishes.  If you grill the halved Blood Lime for a further couple of minutes the fruit will start to smell like marmalade which will add further sweetness to your dish.
  • Slice and dry the fruit and add it to your museli, or use it in cakes or as a decoration.
  • Blood Limes are also delicious squeezed into mineral water and muddled into cocktails.

Due to DPI regulations we are only able to send our fresh Blood Limes within NSW, QLD, VIC and the ACT.

Other products we have made from our Blood Limes which we are able to send Australia-wide include:

  • Dried Blood Limes
  • Blood Lime Wheels
  • Blood Lime Marmalade
  • Blood Lime Dust
  • Blood Lime Salt
  • Blood Lime Sugar